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While we designed our site to allow our customers to locate replacement parts quickly and easily, we understand that there are times you might not be sure of the correct parts to order. If you are unable to locate the correct part or you are unsure of the necessary replacement parts, please contact us at eFlushmate.com. Our eFlushmate staff will review your request and contact you via email or phone if necessary. Please be sure to include the following information with your email.

  • Product Serial Number (located on the top of the Flushmate Product)
  • Toilet Bowl Manufacturer (located on the top of the toilet bowl behind the seat)
  • Date of Installation
  • Contact Phone Number (if you would like us to call you)
  • Description of problem

Additional troubleshooting instructions can be found at esales@flushmate.com (click link). In this email please note your order number and the date the order was placed.