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C-100500-KITFlush Valve Cartridge Kit

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C-100500-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge with Duckbill and Screen (1.6 gpf)

Sloan Flushmate Genuine Replacement Parts

Sloan Flushmate Flush Valve Cartridge Assembly C-100500. The C-100500-Kit can be used with 500, 501, 501A, 501B, 503, and 504 Series Flushmate models. Does not replace cartridge for MA-101525 and M-102540-C The Flushmate Flush Valve Cartridge (C-100500) is located on top the Flushmate system in the center of the vessel. This is the main valve that opens and closes to deliver the water to the toilet bowl.

Flushmate also offers a 1.28 gallon per flush, Flush Valve Cartridge the part number is C-100501-KIT.

The Flush Valve Cartridge for model MA-101525 is obsolete. The correct Flush Valve Cartridge for the M-102540-C is C-100502-KIT

Optional Tools: Flush Valve Cartridge Wrench (ST-100500)

Sloan Flushmate Genuine Replacement Parts

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