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Flushmate Cartridge Kit


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Sloan Flushmate Cartridge Replacement C-100500-KIT for Flushmate 1.6 & 1.0 gpf models

The Sloan Flushmate Cartridge C-100500-K is designed to replace the flush valve cartridges for 1.6 and 1.0 gpf Flushmate models including Series 501A, 501B, 503, and 504.

The Flushmate flush valve cartridge assembly is located in the center of the Flushmate system and accessed from the top of the Flushmate system. This is one of the few moving parts and needs to be maintained for optimum performance. The cartridge assembly is the main valve that opens and closes to deliver the water to the toilet bowl.

The Flushmate C-100500-KIT is specially designed to replace your existing Flushmate flush valve Cartrdges for both 1.6GPF and 1.0 GPF Flushmate Series system.

Why would you need to replace the Flushmate cartridge?

  • Some Common Reasons Include:
  • Sluggish Flush: A slugging Flush occurs when the flush seems weaker than before or when all the waste is not removed from the bowl.
  • Water draining from around the toilet rim: You may notice continuous water running into the bowl between flushes. This will appear as a minor amount of water to drain from around the rim of the toilet.
  • Water in Cartridge Area: Water in the cartridge area may indicate a minor hole in the diaphragm of the cartridge will cause water to fill in the cartridge area.
  • Flushmate system not setting up: If the Flushmate system will not setup and keeps running. This can be caused by the cartridge not closing properly and may need to be replaced.

  • How do you install the Flushmate Cartridge?

    Flushmate has made the cartridge replacement process simple. The cartridge on all Flushmate systems can be removed by turning the cartridge counter clockwise. Installation is simply screwing the cartridge into the Flushmate system clockwise. The replacement process normally only takes 15 minutes.

    1. Turn off the water and flush the toilet.
    2. Hold the actuator down until the vessel is completely drained.
    3. Actuator rod removal is a simple procedure using a screwdriver. Disconnect the rod from the handle assembly. Next only need to loosen the two screws toward the front of the tank holding the actuator rod in place. Remove the screw located closes to the cartridge and front of the tank. Be very careful not to drop the screw into the tank when removing or installing. This will allow the clip to be moved out of the way. Lift and slide the actuator rod out toward the front of the tank.
    4. Remove the cartridge assembly by inserting the pliers handle into the spooks of the cartridge or with our FLUSHMATE 2-in-1 wrench. Remove the cartridge assembly by turning in a counter-clockwise direction.
    5. Remove the cartridge.
    6. Before you install the new Flushmate cartridge, first turn the water supply back on and allow the water to flow for about 30 seconds. If there is any debris that has been trapped inside the FLUSHMATE unit, this should clear it away. Look inside the FLUSHMATE unit to make sure there is no debris inside the sealed surface. Debris or defects in the sealed surface can cause the unit to continue to run on.
    7. Then, reinstall the cartridge by turning the cartridge assembly counter-clockwise while pushing down and applying some pressure to avoid cross-threading. Stop when you hear an audible click, caused by the threads engaging.
    8. Next, turn clockwise to install the cartridge back into position until a thread or two of the FLUSHMATE unit are showing above the cartridge.
    9. Then, turn the water back on and keep slowly turning the cartridge in 1/4 clockwise turn incrementss, waiting 15 seconds between turns until the water stops running into the toilet bowl. Once the water stops, no additional adjustments to the cartridge installation should be required.
    10. Install the flush rod if it was removed and make sure there is no interference in the proper adjustments to actuator is made. The actuator may also need to be adjusted if you have a push button model. In either case, the proper clearance between the flush rod or push button to the actuator is important to ensure proper flushing actuation.

    See a complete "How to Install Flush Valve Cartridge Video here"

    C-100500-KIT Sloan Flushmate Cartridge Parts Included:

    The Sloan Flushmate C-100500-KIT 1.6 GPF Cartridge, includes

    • (1) C-100500 Flushmate 1.6 GPF Cartridge Assembly
    • (1) Flushmate Upper Supply DuckBill Replacement
    • (1) Flushmate Lower Supply Filter Screen
    • (1) Installation Instructions

    C-100500-KIT Flushmate Models:

    Ever Flushmate systems has a serial number label located on the top of your existing Flushmate system. To verify your Flushmate replacement cartridge, the serial number label should contain the following information.

    Model No. GPF Series
    M-101526 1.6 501A
    M-102540 1.6 501A
    M-101526-F 1.6 501B
    M-102540-F 1.6 501B
    M-101526-F3 1.6 503
    M-102540-F3 1.6 503
    M-101526-F4 1.0 504
    M-102540-F4 1.0 504

    Other Flushmate Models:

    Different Flushmate models use different flush valve cartridges. These models include the following:

    503 Series 1.6 gpf models M-101526-F3 and M-102540-F3 use C-100500-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    503 Series 1.28 gpf models M-101526-F3 and M-102540-F3 use C-100501-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    504 Series 1.0 gpf models M-101526-F4 and M-102540-F4 use C-100500-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    504 Series 1.0 gpf Model No M-101526-C use C-100502-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    501B Series 1.6 gpf models M-101526-F and M-102540-F use C-100500-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    501A Series 1.6 gpf models M-101526 and M-102540 use C-100500-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    501 Series 1.6 gpf models M-101526, M-101525 and M-102540 use C-100500-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    500 Series 1.6 gpf models M-101525 and M-102540 use C-100500-KIT Flush Valve Cartridge

    Manufacturer Information

    Eflushmate.com only sells geninie Flushmate replacement products produced by Flushmate.

    The Flushmate C-100500-KIT Cartridge Assembly includes a 1 year limited warranty.

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Flush Cartridge, C-100500-KIT
John B. (California) | June 11th, 2021
The item was easy to order, quick shipment, easy instructions for installation, and now the toilet works like it should.
Flushmate C-100500-KIT
David D (Coloradp) | May 21st, 2021
After 20 years! with hard water conditions, I have one toilet running on, Used this kit with the cartridge wrench, Not sure how you rate this anything less then 5 stars. I wish all appliance parts and repairs where this good. Flushmate Pressure Assist customer for life. Sounds and operates like a Monster toilet again!
FlushMate Cartridge Kit
Nancy (Illinois) | April 29th, 2021
Great service. We've had our FlushMate many years. I called asking how to repair our toilet running water and making sounds. He knew exactly what we needed. Told me over the phone how to do it but instructions were on the package. Part arrived within a few days. Oh my gosh, so easy and helpful. We are moving and will make sure we have FlushMates at the new place.
Verified Buyer
Very Good Product
Anthony Rodrigues (CA) | April 9th, 2021
I called Flushmate when my toilet wouldn't stop running and they sold me this part. It was a perfect fit and the instructions on the bag were easy to follow plus the technician also sent me an email with instructions that went right along with the packaging. It was easy to put on and worked the first time.
Flushmate cartridge kit
Jim (Washington) | April 6th, 2021
The instructions both on the website and the product are perfect and easy to follow, the whole process took 10 minutes, if that. The cartridge wrench made it even easier! Nice store, nice site, and great service.
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