Flushmate Complete Replacement System 1.0 gpf 504 Series

Flushmate Complete Replacement System 1.0 gpf 504 Series


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5/5 Star out of 8 Reviews
Code: M-101526-F42

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Product Description


Flushmate M-101526-F42 Replacement System for the M-101526-F4

The Flushmate M-101526-F42, 504 Series, Complete System replacement is designed to replace existing Flushmate M-101526-F4 1.0 GPF 504 Series for the Kohler K4484, Mansfield 153, St.Thomas / Vitromex, Peerless 1, VitrA 5066 and Wester T4ULF-PF-1 pressure assist toilets.

The Flushmate M-101526-F42, 1.0 GPF 504 Series, is specially designed to replace your existing Flushmate 1.0 GPF 504 Series system.

Your Flushmate M-101526-F42 Replacement will include
(1) Flushmate M-101526-F42 System, 504 Series
(1) Necessary conversion gaskets and locknuts

To verify your Flushmate replacement, the serial number label located on the top of your existing Flushmate unit should contain the following information.

Model No. Serial Number Series
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F42-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4B-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4BR-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4C-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4CN-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4F1-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4F2-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4M-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4MN-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4MP-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4MR-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4P1-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4T1-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4V-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4V1-XXXX 504
M-101526-F4 XXXXXX-F4V2-XXXX 504

Flushmate Systems will not retrofit into gravity type toilets. They will only fit into a toilet that already had a Flushmate System in it.

Eflushmate.com only sells Flushmate factory replacement products. All Flushmate M-102540-F42 1.0 GPF 504 Series Replacement System comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 8 Reviews
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Install replacement tank
CHRISTOPHER G. SMITH (TX) | July 3rd, 2021
When we bought our 1953 home over 20 years ago, there was a Flushmate in one of the bathrooms. We liked it, so a few years later, we replaced the toilet in the second bathroom with a newer Flushmate. Over time, I've replaced a few cartridges and both tanks. This company provides excellent customer service. A knowledgeable person helps on the phone to ensure you get the correct parts. The parts work and last for years. The company website provides great documentation and instructions. In my opinion, this company has it all together.
Replacement 504
Pete C (NY) | June 23rd, 2021
20+ year old unit finally gave out, and I didn't want to replace the whole toilet. Website was easy to use and serial number chart made sure I had the correct unit. Arrived super fast and came out of the box ready to go. The entire project took 20 minutes, and the whole system is better than new!
complete tank replacement
Janet Panzarella (California) | April 26th, 2021
Awesome! Arrived in 3 days. Very easy to install. My original tank leaked so I opted to replace instead of buying a whole new toilet. So glad I did! Quick. Easy. And I did it all myself!
Complete tank replacement
Joyce buchholz (Va) | April 23rd, 2021
The Flushmate is the best for an old house, 1921, with cast iron pipe. Low flow toilets were always clogging. No plunger in the bathroom now. The shipping was quick
Great reliable product
terrence ward (IL) | October 18th, 2020
My original unit was about twenty years old and the cartridge was leaking so I opted to remove and replace the unit. Great website, easy checkout, the unit arrived in two days. The packaging was awesome, no worries about any shipping damage because of the rigid box. Unit installed easily and needed no adjustment.. I am ready for twenty more years of powerful flushes with this new unit.
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