C-100501-KIT Flushmate Cartridge 1.28 gpf Kit

C-100501-KIT Flushmate Cartridge 1.28 gpf Kit

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Flushmate C-100501-KIT Replacement Cartridge for Flushmate 1.28 GPF Models

The Flushmate C-100501-KIT 1.28 GPF Cartridge, is designed to replace existing Flushmate cartridges for 1.28GPF Flushmate models including Series 503.

The Flushmate C-100501-KIT is specially designed to replace your existing Flushmate C-100501 Cartrdges for 1.28GPF Flushmate Series system.

The Flushmate Flush Valve Cartridge is located on top the Flushmate system in the center of the vessel. This is the main valve that opens and closes to deliver the water to the toilet bowl.

C-100501-Kit Flushmate Cartridge Parts Included:

The Flushmate C-100501-KIT 1.28 GPF Cartridge, includes

(1) C-100501 Flushmate 1.28 GPF Cartridge Assembly

(1) Flushmate Upper Supply DuckBill Replacement

(1) Flushmate Lower Supply Filter Screen

(1) Installation Instructions

C-100501-KIT Flushmate Models:

To verify your Flushmate replacement, the serial number label located on the top of your existing Flushmate unit should contain the following information.

Model No. Serial Number Series GPF
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HA-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HAR-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HB-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HC-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HE-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HER-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HG-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HG2-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HGR-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HK1-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HK2-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HL-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HLR-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HM-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HMR-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HMP-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3HO-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3H1-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3H3-XXXXX 503 1.28
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3H3-XXXXX 503 1.28

Other Flushmate Models:

Flushmate 1.6 GPF or 1.0 GPF Systems cartridges use the C-100500-KIT.

Flushmate Model No M-102540-C 1.0 GPF Systems cartridges use the C-100502-KIT.

Flushmate 200 and 500 Series System cartridges are no longer available.

Manufacturer Information

Eflushmate.com only sells Flushmate factory replacement products produced by Flushmate.

The Flushmate C-100501-KIT Cartridge Assembly includes a 1 year limited warranty.


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