Universal Handle Replacement Kit for Flushmate 503 Series - Chrome Handle


Universal Handle Replacement Kit for Flushmate 503 Series - Chrome Handle

Part Number: AP300503

★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.9/5 Star out of 41 Reviews
Code: AP300503

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Product Description

Flushmate Universal Handle Kit

Flushmate Universal Handle Kit for 503 Series Systems

For the replacement to OEM linkage. Flushmate Universal Handle Kit fits left and right hand pressure-assist tank handle and trip levers assemblies. The Universal Handle Kit is designed to work with the Flushmate 503 Series. The Universal Handle kit is used to repair or replace handles that have loosened, are sagging, or no longer activate flushing.

Universal Handle System

The Universal Handle Kit easily installs to replace the OEM trip lever rod assembly. Takes less than a few minutes to install. Replace

Chrome Handle Finish

Chrome Handle Included

Sloan Flushmate Universal Handle Kit comes with a Chrome finish handle.


All OEM 2-pc toilets with Flushmate 503 Series produced after February 29, 2008 (left hand or right hand actuation).
The first 6 digits of your serial number identify the date your Flushmate system was manufactured.

Flushmate Systems
  • Compatibility Flushmate System
  • Flushmate III - 503
  • Flushmate III - 503H

Parts Included


(1) Crank Housing and Disposable Cap

(1) Bushing

(4) Screws

(1) Locking Nut

(1) Spacer

(1) Flush Frame and Lever

(1) Handle

How to install the Universal Handle Kit

The installation steps for the AP300503 Universal Handle Kit for 503 Series & AP400504 Universal Handle Kit for 504 Series is the same.

Flushmate Warranty Policy


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Customer reviews

★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.9/5 Stars out of 41 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
New Cable and Handle
Jeffrey Pliskin (CT) | March 4th, 2021
The cable in my flusher assembly broke after several years. The replacement was reasonably priced and installed easily. I like the feel of the flush handle better and the Flushmate continues to work very well.
Better than original
Jason (Ohio) | February 23rd, 2021
Put this on and works much better than original wire rods. Lines up perfect for even pressure and pushes plunger completely done.
Major flush improvement after installing new handle/cable/ plunger mechanism
Scott McBride (California) | February 18th, 2021
My toilet flushed ok, sometimes requiring a double flush. I noticed that the metal rod that pushes the plunger didn’t really push it down very far. If I pushed the plunger down with my finger, it worked 10x better. I called tech support and got an awesome guy on the phone. He had me hold the phone by the toilet and do test flushes. He told me that the push rod is made by the toilet manufacturer and they have no say in what they use or how well it works. Flushmate offers their own flush handle mechanism that uses a cable. It took 5 minutes to install and made a huge difference! Tech Support was awesome and the recommended product far exceeded my expectations on how easy it was to install and how well it worked. Two thumbs up for Tech Support and Flushmate’s product!
Verified Buyer
handle kit 503
Jay Nelson (Wisconsin) | February 15th, 2021
this has been the easiest pluming installation I have ever done. The product itself is a very good concept and works good. thanks for all your help and support.
Replacement Handle
Jim Bergman (Wisconsin) | November 18th, 2020
Great fix for handles that no longer work. Design is brilliant and it works great. It's pricey when adding on the freight but it should fix the problem many years down the road.

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