M-101526-F3BK Flushmate Complete Replacement System for 501A&501B with Handle Kit and -F3B- Serial n

M-101526-F3BK Flushmate Complete Replacement System for 501A&501B with Handle Kit and -F3B- Serial n

Customer Rating 5.00/5.00 out of 2 reviews

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Product Description

Flushmate Complete Replacement System for FMII 501B Series with Flush Handle

Verify Configuration (center digits) on serial number XXXXXX-F3B-XXXX

Direct Replacement for configuration styles F0A, F01

Replacement kit includes

(1) Flushmate Complete System (503) F3B
(1) Necessary Complete Service Manual for 503 Series
(1) Bulk Pack kit for M-101526-F3B Series
(1) Handle Replacement Kit

Sloan Flushmate Genuine Replacement Parts

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5.00/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
Lise Hubbard-Muir (Markham, Ontario) | July 14th, 2019
We have a Gerber toilet with the Flushmate system inside. It was installed by the prior owners of our house in 1997. It had started acting up, not keeping the pressure overnight, so we bought the replacement system, using the same Gerber toilet. One thing we struggled with is removing the old parts due to age, notable the bolts under the tank. What we didn't realize is those bolts didn't need to be removed, so the manual should note that as it added several hours to the job. The other issue is the that tank hole was small compared to the bottom piece of the flushmate and so it didn't go through completely. This caused the unit to be a little higher than it should have and when the tank lid is on, it presses against the top of the unit, causing it to keep running. We ended up using some bubble wrap to cushion the tank lid and create some space to prevent this. The handle replacement was also confusing to install until we discovered the video on the website. The video tutorials need to be all on one page with better titles to find the correct one; we found the handle one on the page for purchasing the handle. It was a day of pain, but at least the toilet works now with no issues.
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Dorothy (Oregon) | July 11th, 2019
I received order as describled and installed it myself. Took me longer ( 2 hrs) than described because I took my time and really studied the instructions. After about a week of use, its working perfectly and the new handle system flushes so easily, its remarkable. The old handle and tank failed (new 1996) too long ago and I struggled with it. Now its great. If it lasts 10 years, I'll be truly raving. Early reviews are always a little deceptive. At one week, it gets 5 stars.
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