Flushmate Complete Replacement System for 501A&501B with Handle Kit and -F3B-


Flushmate Complete Replacement System for 501A&501B with Handle Kit and -F3B-

Part Number: M-101526-F3BK

★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Star out of 21 Reviews
Code: M-101526-F3BK

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Product Description

Flushmate Complete Replacement System for FMII 501B Series with Flush Handle

Verify Configuration (center digits) on serial number XXXXXX-F3B-XXXX

Direct Replacement for configuration styles F0A, F01

Replacement kit includes

(1) M-101526-F3B, Flushmate Complete System (503 Series)
(1) Installation Bulk Pack kit for M-101526-F3B Series
(1) AP300503 Universal Handle Replacement Kit with Chrome Handle
(1) ST100100, 3-IN-1 Wrench
(1) Service Manual for 503 Series

Sloan Flushmate Genuine Replacement Parts

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 21 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
Flushmate replacement tank
Hans Weber (New Jersey) | June 13th, 2020
My 23 year old Flushmate system was leaking and I called Sloan technical who identified the supposed replacement tank for my nin-functioning unit. I tried installing the replacement unit today only to find that the water supply connection pipe on the replacement unit was about 2" away from the existing hole in the toilet tank so that the unit could not be installed. Will end up having to contact Sloan about getting the correct unit sent. Real disappointing and a hassle since the toilet can't be used until the replacement is sent.
Verified Buyer
Flushmate 503 replacement
DH 10791 (Maine) | June 6th, 2020
I had to replace a 25 year old SLOAN Flushmate in my new house and it was easiest replacement I have done when it comes to toilet flush valves. And best of all - the new flush handle is the smoothest one I have come across.
Verified Buyer
Flushmate replacemate
Kay (Ny) | April 27th, 2020
Easy to install. Technical support available when need.
Verified Buyer
Replacement FlushMate for 1995 Gerber rear discharge toilet
Steve (NY) | April 20th, 2020
The 1995 FushMate wouldn't flush fully after nearly 25 years of service. I called FlushMate support and they were EXCELLENT in determining the problem, and that there were no replacement parts to repair the discontinued unit. I was guided to the exact new model, purchased it, and it arrived UPS very quickly. FlushMate support was running even though the country is currently on Chinese Wuhan COVID Pandemic lockdown. The experience getting through to technical support, and getting a product shipped immediately, was excellent. When the FlushMate did arrive slightly delayed in transit due to the pandemic, it contained everything including an installation wrench. The instructions were easy to follow and complete. With just a little adjustment for water pressure, it was up and running in an hour. The unit had Proudly Made in the USA stamped on it and on the FushMate web site too! Kudos FushMate! Thank you for thinking American.
Verified Buyer
Gerber water closet repair item.
Chris B. (Louisiana) | April 19th, 2020
Changed these types before and the most common complaint was the old style handle and lever. The new flush handle cable system is far superior to the old style. The wrench was a awesome addition. Customer service was outstanding as well. Keep it up!

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