Flushmate Complete Replacement System for 501A&501B for Pushbutton and -F3B-


Flushmate Complete Replacement System for 501A&501B for Pushbutton and -F3B-

Part Number: M-101526-F3B

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4.78/5 Star out of 23 Reviews
Code: M-101526-F3B

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Product Description

Pressure Assist PowerFlush Toilet

Flushmate M-101526-F3B 1.6 gpf System for 501A, 501B, or 503 Series with Pushbutton

Shop Now! The Flushmate III M-101526-F3B Replacement System is designed to replace the Flushmate M-101526-F 501B Series or M-101526-F3 503 Series models. The Flushmate III M-101526-F3B 1.6 GPF Replacement System, is designed to replace the Flushmate M-101526-F 1.6 gpf 501A, 501B, and 503 Series models for two piece toilet fixtures.The Flushmate III M-101526-F3B includes the Flushmate M-101526-F3 complete system with locknuts and gasket to install in your toilet tank.The Flushmate III M-101526-F3B 1.6GPF Replacement system is designed to only work with existing pressure assist toilets that were originally equiped with the M-101526, M-101526-F, or M-101526-F3 1.6 GPF system. See compatable systems below.
Flushmate Pressure Assist Water Savings

Water savings for life

The flush volume will never decrease, which means water savings are sustained for the life of the fixture.
Flushmate Pressure Assist Drain Line Carry Toilet

Superior drain carry

Flushmate equipped toilets use pressure (versus gravity) to produce a longer drain carry, pushing waste up to 33% further than the recommendations set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
Test conducted according to ANSI standard procedures as discussed in APSE Research Report 91-01.

Flushmate Pressure Assist No Double Flushing

Fewer double flushes

70 gallon per minute peak flow of Flushmate pressure-assisted technology clears the bowl on the first flush.
Flushmate Pressure Assist 5 Year Warranty

5-year warranty

Our commitment to excellence gives you the confidence and support for years to come.
Flushmate III, 503 Series 1.6 gpf System

Flushmate M-101526-F3B Replacement system Included:

  • (1) M-101526-F3 Flushmate III 1.6 GPF Replacement System
  • (1) Flushmate Tank to Toilet Tank Gasket (Gasket between Flushmate System and toilet tank)
  • (1) Flushmate Tank to Toilet Tank Locknut (Locknut to mount Flushmate System into the toilet tank)
  • (1) Flushmate Tank to Bowl Gasket (Gasket between toilet tank and toilet bowl)
  • (1) Flushmate Lower Supply Locknut (Locknut to mount Flushmate System into the toilet tank)

Flushmate Two Piece Pressure Assist PowerFlush Toilet

Toilet Types

Two Piece Toilet
A two piece toilet is made of two separate pieces of vitreous china, a holding tank and a bowl. The holding tank is mounted on the bowl by the installer using washers, nuts and bolts. Two piece toilets are often called "close-coupled" in reference to this mounting system and are the most common toilets on the market. The Flushmate model number for this type of toilet always begins with M-101526.

Flushmate M-101526-F33 System

M-101526-F3B Flushmate Models:

To verify the M-101526-F3B is the correct replacement system for your Flushmate system, please verify your serial number, label located on the top of your existing Flushmate unit, contains the following information.
Model No. Serial No. Series GPF
M-101526 XXXXXX-A01-XXXX 501A 1.6 GPF
M-101526-F XXXXXX-F01-XXXX 501B 1.6 GPF
M-101526-F XXXXXX-F0A-XXXX 501B 1.6 GPF
M-101526-F3 XXXXXX-F3B-XXXX 503 1.6 GPF

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.78/5 Stars out of 23 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
My 7th Flushmate Purchase
Samuel Rowe (Massachusetts) | December 6th, 2019
My first 3 were purchased and installed in 1993. Over the years the original steel canister Flushmates have been replaced by new models. One of the new models was involved in a recall and Flushmate contacted me and supplied a replacement unit and had it installed at no cost to me. I will happily continue to use Flushmate.
Verified Buyer
John (Ma) | October 22nd, 2019
Quick delivery, Easy instructions. Changed out fast and no leaks.We're back in action.Very happy with everything. Thank you !
Verified Buyer
Marty (Missouri) | October 1st, 2019
Great replacement OEM part at the best price...and free shipping to boot!
Verified Buyer
Easy to install
C Hovden (CA) | July 11th, 2019
I found this replacement tank to be pretty easy to install. The support crew helped me over the phone to ensure this was the correct replacement part. They were right; it fit correctly into my existing toilet, which had an old pressure tank that needed to be replaced. I would suggest having the wrench tool to get the bottom large nut screwed on confidently. Can't speak to its reliability yet, as it's only been a few weeks since installation. But everything is working great so far.
Note From Store Owner: Thank you for your recent order. If you have any questions regarding your Flushmate system please contact Flushmate Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST at 1-800-533-3460.
Verified Buyer
Flush mate pressure tank replacement
Samuel Tarrant (MA) | December 27th, 2021
My 20+ year old toilet developed a pinhole leak in the pressure tank so it had to be replaced. Tank assembly came complete with all valves, hose, etc. I also bought the tool kit, strongly recommended because of the big nut on the bottom. Lower inlet assembly was damaged in shipping so I couldn’t get the house plumbing to seal initially, but it was an easy repair, and following the enclosed instructions, all told just over an hour start to finish, and my toilet works like new again.

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