Sloan Two-Piece Pressure-Assist Toilet with SloanTec Glaze 1.28 gpf, RH


Sloan Two-Piece Pressure-Assist Toilet with SloanTec Glaze 1.28 gpf, RH

Part Number: MX-110009TG

Manufacturer Part Number: WETS-8009-8110
UPC: 064871411433

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Product Description

Sloan® Pressure Assist Toilet

Sloan® Two-Piece Pressure-Assist Toilet with SloanTec Glaze 1.28 gpf, RH

The MX-110009TG includes the Sloan 1.28 gpf pressure-assisted toilet with right hand flush handle.

  • Sloan Bowl: Code 2178009, Elongated bowl, Floor mounted, floor outlet, 12" (305mm) rough-in
  • Sloan Tank: Code 2108110, Flushmate III, 503 Series, 1.28 gpf System
  • Powered by Flushmate® brand pressure assisted flushing technology to achieve 1,000g MaP score
  • Smooth, quiet cable activated flush handle - right hand
  • Permanent SloanTec® hydrophobic antimicrobial glaze inhibits the growth and buildup of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and mineral scale on the surfaces
  • Toilet seat and wax ring not included
  • COMPLIANCES & CERTIFICATIONS: cUPC Green Certified, WaterSense Listed,CalGreen Compliant, CEC Compliant, NOM Certified

Learn More About Sloan Pressure Asisst Toilets

Sloan invented pressurized flushing, and no other company has sold more pressure-assisted products. With a Flushmate system supplying the pressure and Sloan's reputation for durability providing peace of mind, you'll be confident in your toilets performance for years to come. Here's what you can expect from a Sloan pressure-assisted toilet.

Pressure Assist with Flushmate

Extraordinary performance

Your Sloan pressure-assisted toilet looks like an ordinary tank-type toilet, and people flush it the ordinary way. Its performance, however, is anything but ordinary. Pressure Assist toilets are far less likely to back up or clog, because the Flushmate system pushes waste out of the bowl and into the drainline far faster than a gravity flush.

With Sloan's pressure-assisted toilets you'll also notice a cleaner bowl, because the higher velocity and pressure of the rim jets creates a better scrub. Plus, with no flappers, chains or clunky multi-linkage mechanisms, these toilets offer smooth, quiet, trouble-free flush activation and easy maintenance.

Flushmate Inside

Flushmate Inside

Only Flushmate delivers reliable single-flush performance and water efficiency with no trade-offs for both commercial and residential properties.

Sloan's pressure-assisted toilets are simple and cost-effective, they install exactly the same way as gravity toilets and require the same basic water supply pressure (20-80 psi). They require no extra infrastructure at all, so you can easily upgrade from your gravity tank toilets.

Yet they deliver improved performance even at flush volumes as low as 1 gallon per flush. By pushing waste out of the bowl at a higher flow rate, these toilets deliver up to 50% longer drainline carry than gravity toilets, so you'll experience far fewer drainline stoppages.

Largeest Water Surface

Largest Water Surface Area

Upto 50% larger water surface in Flushmate equiped toilets reduces odors and keeps the bowl cleaner by reducing the dry surface area.

Non-Sweating Tank

Non-Sweating Tank

Water is contained in the Flushmate system. The result is a non-sweating toilet keeping the floor around the toilet remains dry.

Advance Bowl Design

Advanced Bowl and Trapway Design

Pressure Assist toilet bowls are hydraulically designed to harness the energy from the powerflush flush which "push" content out of the trapway instead of gravity siphoning. Pressure Assist toilet bowls trapway is simple, only needing one bend, eliminating the need to double flush.

Drainline Carry

Superior drain carry

Flushmate equipped toilets use pressure (versus gravity) to produce a longer drain carry, pushing waste up to 33% further than the recommendations set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Test conducted according to ANSI standard procedures as discussed in APSE Research Report 91-01.

Flushmate Brochure


View Flushmate Performance in a Tank Toilet Brochure

View Installation Instructions

View Flushmate Owner's manual

View Troubleshooting Guide

View Sloan Toilet Spec Sheet

Shipping Restrictions: Currently are only able to ship toilets to locations in the continental US. We are unable to ship to locations outside the continental US. 

  • MX-21080110-R Sloan Flushmate Equipped Toilet Tank, Right-hand Flush, 1.28 gpf (1)
  • MX-2178009TG Sloan Standard Height Elongated Toilet Bowl (1)
Part Number: MX-110009TG
Part Name: Sloan Two-Piece Pressure-Assist Toilet with SloanTec Glaze 1.28 gpf, RH
Brand: Sloan
MPN: WETS-8009-8110
Fits Toilet Type: Two-Piece
Fits Flushmate Series: 503
Fits Model Number:
Gallons Per Flush: 1.28 gpf
Handle Location: Right-Hand
Advanced Features:
Country of Origin: China
Weight: 120
UPC: 064871411433

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