As the leading supplier to toilet manufacturers on three continents, FLUSHMATE® has been proven to be effective and reliable. Commercial and residential marketplaces have embraced FLUSHMATE® technology due to its superior performance and ability to conserve more water than any other water closet flushing mechanism.

FLUSHMATE® has been honored with awards and recognition for its Pressure-Assisted technology. FLUSHMATE® IV was selected by BuildingGreen Inc., publisher of GreenSpec® Product Directory and Environmental Building News™, to its Top 10 new green building products because of FLUSHMATE IV’s environmental impact in saving water. The award recognizes the most innovative and exciting “green” building products added to the GreenSpec® Directory during 2004. Plus, FLUSHMATE® received the American Society of Plumbing Engineers’ Award for Outstanding Service, which recognizes the plumbing engineering technology advancement that best promotes the plumbing industry.

Based on third party testing, FLUSHMATE equipped toilets continue to outperform the rest.

Most users are very concerned about saving water and preserving our natural resources, while not compromising performance. By offering 1.6 and 1.0 gpf technology FLUSHMATE covers all of our customers' needs. As a U.S. Manufacturer of water-saving technologies, FLUSHMATE is committed to protecting our environment.

High customer satisfaction ratings of FLUSHMATE performance continue to drive FLUSHMATE sales upward.

Continuing FLUSHMATE's history of innovation, FLUSHMATE introduced its optional automatic flushing system, Intelli-flush.

FLUSHMATE®, headquartered in New Hudson, Michigan, manufactures FLUSHMATE® operating systems at its state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility, which is now ISO-17025 certified. FLUSHMATE® is a division of Sloan Valve Company, Franklin Park, Illinois. Sloan Valve, which has been in operation since 1906, produces plumbing products for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.