The Official FLUSHMATE Part Store

Flushmate®, headquartered in New Hudson, Michigan, manufactures Flushmate Operating Systems at its state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility, which is ISO-17025 certified. As the pioneer in pressure-assisted technology, Flushmate has been delivering water saving solutions without sacrificing performance for over 35 years. Leading toilet brands such as Kohler®, Sloan®, Gerber®, Mansfield ®, Western Pottery®, and others use Flushmate pressure-assisted technology for single-flush performance and water savings. Flushmate is the leading supplier of pressure assist technology to toilet manufacturers on three continents with key markets including commercial, residential, hospitality, multi-family, and more using Flushmate.

Based on third party testing, FLUSHMATE equipped toilets continue to outperform the rest. Most users are very concerned about saving water and preserving our natural resources, while not compromising performance. By offering 1.6, 1.28 and 1.0 gpf technology FLUSHMATE covers all of our customers' needs. As a U.S. Manufacturer of water-saving technologies, FLUSHMATE is committed to protecting our environment.