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More power. Less water.

How it works.

Our pressure assisted technology helps to efficiently eliminate waste to keep your toilet bowl cleaner.

Less water.

High-efficiency and low water consumption helps save water and money with every flush..

Fewer Double Flushes**.

70 gallon per minute peak flow of Flushmate pressure-assisted technology is designed to clear the bowl on the first flush.

5-year Limited Warranty.

Our commitment to excellence gives you the confidence and support for years to come.
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How it works.

The Flushmate system traps air as it fills with water, uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air, forces water into the bowl, and effectively pushes waste out.

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Superior drain carry.*

Flushmate equipped toilets use pressure (versus gravity) to produce a longer drain carry, pushing waste up to 50% further than the recommendations set by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

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Test conducted according to ASME A112.19.2-2018/ CSA B45.1-18, Drain line transport characterization test.

*Based on ASME Standard of minimum of 40 feet with Sloan's testing results at 60 feet on average

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